install hp printer driver on mac

How to Install HP Printer driver on Mac

The brand HP doesn’t need any introduction. Either you talk of computers, laptops or printer, the brand HP can be relied upon. The probability of using printers in this era has increased rapidly and will keep on reaching new heights. It provides with the top-notch print quality when the printer driver has been installed on Mac device. Once it is done so, the capability of the printer increases to a double rate as the performance becomes enhanced and much more. The best thing about being a part of HP family is that you would be able to avail 24 hours customer support by dialing the HP printer customer care phone number for any worries that you may encounter in the future.

Just follow these simple steps to install the printer driver:

You can download and install the HP printer driver in Mac by using the Apple printer software. To begin with, the process, switch on the printer and the Mac device can make sure that they both are connected together, either via USB or through the same wireless connection.

  • Select the Apple Menu with a right click and then choose the option of System Preferences.
  • Now based on the version of your device’s operating system, choose between the following options- ‘Print and Fax, Print and Scan or Printers and Scanners.
  • Now see whether the printer that you are using is being displayed on the Printer’s list. If not, then try the following- Click on the plus sign and choose the option of Add printer or scanner, choose the name of the printer and add it to the list.Top of Form If you are not able to locate the printer, then make sure that both the printer and the Mac are connected to each other properly.
  • Once done now choose the option of Add printer to the list
  • If you are asked to download the latest software, then just follow the on-screen instruction and get through with the process. Bottom of Form
  • Once done, shut down the ‘System preference window’
  • Now try to print a test page to check whether the installation process has been completed or not.

Once you have completed the process, you will be able to install the HP printer on Mac. If after implementing the steps, you are not able to succeed with the process, then ensure that both the devices are connected to each other, the printer has been connected to the main power supply and the Apple Software through which the process will take place has been updated to the latest version. If even after ensuring these possibilities, then get in touch with the HP printer Tech Support phone Number and avail the guidance.