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Dell is the leading multinational company which manufactures products as laptops, printer, and computer. It also repairs and sells the hardware products associated with these gadgets. Tracing its origin back in the 20th century, the company has come a long way. With introducing cutting edge technology and embedded features, the gadgets have now become a favorite among the common man. Many people are now opting to buy Dell products for their household and office purposes. You can get to know more information about the same on Dell Support number. A printer is basically a device which brings out the graphic representation of a soft copy in the form of document and images on the sheet of paper. It is basically connected to a laptop or computer from where the print command is given. Printer spooler and printer driver needs to be installed in the system to initiate the process of printing.

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Astounding features of Dell Products

Dell computers, laptops and printers are the most common and basic products that are manufactured by Dell. A laptop is basically a personal computer, compact in size and can be taken anywhere. A desktop has a large screen is attached to the CPU and stays fixed at a single position. Before you go to purchase any of the product, it is better that you have a look at the variety of features that it has to offer.

Dell laptops and computers
  • Compact and sleek design making it easy to carry
  • The detachable battery in some models.
  • Extended video memory space
  • Dell Alien ware laptops, the best gaming laptops in the market.
  • Easy to operate
  • Storage space of up to 1 TB.
  • Rendering high-speed performance
  • OLED display
  • High-resolution video and picture quality
  • HD quality video support
  • ATI Radeon graphics card with a minimum space of 1 GB
Dell Printers
  • Set up and installation can be quite easy
  • Can print from anywhere by connecting the wireless printer to the device
  • Beautiful design
  • Designed differently for office, home and gaming purposes.
  • Dell print app available for smartphone.
  • Has a printing speed to print 47 pages per minute
  • A feature of duplex printing available
  • Comes with both wired and wireless connection
  • User-friendly interface and economical price range
  • Easy to connect, setup and install
  • Warranty available

Here you are provided with just a basic list about the desk/laptops and printers in general. If you wish to dig deep into the specific details of any given series or model, then you need to dial the Dell customer care number for further reference.

Issues in Dell laptops and computers

Being discussed about the pros that the Dell products have to offer, now let’s glance over some of the cons too. Like the two sides of the coins, this marvel of technology has also both sides. The errors can occur anytime with the products, but yes if proper care and servicing are provided, then the chances can be minimalized. You can have a brief description about the snags associated with it. It’s better that you do reach out to the Dell Customer Support number to resolve any issue if you find that you are unable to do it on your own.

The issues have been divided into different categories making it more easy for you to understand.
Errors while updating and installing
  • You are unable to install or update the device driver or software.
  • The operating system doesn’t update to the latest Windows or Macintosh system.
Connectivity problems
  • Unable to connect to a smartphone and other devices via Bluetooth
  • Fails to connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Low connectivity issues
Hardware issues
  • The system is not able to recognize the external device that has been attached.
  • Damaged motherboard
  • Attached peripherals such as keyboard and mouse stop working
  • Unable to read the hard drive
  • Battery not getting charged even though the power supply is available.
  • CPU stops working
  • Broken keys
Startup problems and other issues
  • The system doesn’t start and hangs in between
  • Sudden shutdown
  • Rebooting taking a lot of time
  • Blue screen of death error
  • Doesn’t start after putting it on the sleep mode
  • Display errors
Flaws related to Dell printers
  • Not able to install the printer driver software
  • Unable to restart the printer software
  • The printer doesn’t respond to commands even though it has been connected
  • The printer multiple pages even though a single command has been given
  • Ink levels indicated to be low after refill.
  • Paper jam and the issues related to black ink
  • Ghosting
  • Blurry lines on the sheet
  • Prints only half sheet and other half come out blank.
  • Not responds after updating to Windows 10.

You can dial the Dell customer support number to solve the issues mentioned above. Make sure that get in touch with them if you aren’t able to resolve the errors on your own. This is just a basic list given above. A lot more can occur ranging from general to specific.

A quick guide to fixing the common Dell issues

You can read some of the common solutions and fixes about the products being discussed. These are the basic troubleshooting steps. You can try these first as they can resolve some problems.

Taking laptops and computers into consideration
  • Clean the system junk to avoid the laptop and desktops from being slow
  • Do not keep it on sleep mode for quite long
  • Restart the system to clear the RAM.
  • At least one anti-virus has to be installed for auto scanning and cleaning purpose
  • Update the operating system
  • Get the external peripherals repaired on time
  • Try to use the system based on the current version of the OS
  • Do not let the device overheat.
Talking printers into consideration
  • Download the printer driver software from the official website and not any third party software
  • Install genuine Dell ink cartridges
  • Do not give multiple commands at a single time from different documents. This will only lead to the issues of print jobs getting stuck in the queue
  • Install the printer in the system properly and do take a test print
  • Clear all the stuck pieces of paper.
  • Get the printer serviced at least once or twice a year.
Reasons for choosing technical support?

There are many reasons for which you will be requiring the help of customer support. The errors which have been discussed above are general, but there can occur some specific error codes which can be a little complicated to handle. It is better that you reach out to the Dell Support number for any such issue. They will be able to handle the complications in an exact way.